I’m Lisa.

I took my first steps as daughter, then big sister in a large loving family. I continued forward as an introspective and active girl on the way to my first independent path as a young adult. I earned a pharmacy degree and work as a pharmacist for 32 years and counting. I have the highest regard for the mission of healthcare workers; we work as teammates in our purpose to provide best health for our patients. While the effort is admirable; I’ve come to believe there is more to be discovered in health and healing.

My second adult journey as wife and mother is both long and short. To look back from where you have come is sometimes astonishing isn’t it? How did we get so far and yet the early days don’t seem to be that long ago? I am both humbled and honored when considering the range of viewpoints and turns I’ve experienced with my husband and three unique kids.

Now that our children are on their own journeys, I’m widening a known path. I’m following a thread that has always been with me. I’ve been learning and practicing health and well-being most of my life. I researched alternative treatments in high school, loved the science of medicine in college, and started training and practicing in complimentary healing modalities in 1998. I’ve shared this with family and associates since that time. After reflection, I’m guided to work at building the updated version of me. The purpose is connecting more intentionally where there is need. I’ve named this iteration "Lisa 3.0". It reminds me I’m still evolving; still have missions and views to get to. I look forward to walking with you for awhile on your next journey.

Team Members

Lisa Schappacher

Owner / Lead Practitioner

Derek Schappacher

Technology & Design Consultant


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